We are a cross-disciplinary design and creative firm.
We work as a cultural and artistic mediator.

Established in Italy in 2006, GAA Design is a cross-disciplinary design and creative firm that works as a cultural and artistic mediator, celebrating the incredible era we are living, helping us decipher our own modernity.
GAA Design Farm, as a transgressive player, explores together with people's needs, the unlimited scenarios of imagination.
Together with forward-thinking industry partners, GAA Design explores the evolution of our modern culture, social ecosystem and values with the aim of celebrating the role of products in our modern consumer society.
With one foot in the field of applied arts and the other in the modern industrial ecosystem, GAA Design explores the alchemy of human emotions and their relationship to the experiences that help us read and understand our modern world and inspire innovation both in cultural and business terms.
GAA Design is interested in collaborating with partners across a spectrum of industries: Technology, Industrial and product design, applied arts, visual communications, service design, business design, lighting and interior design.

Business Model

Understanding the changing role of creative partnerships and players in today’s business context we have developed a unique business model that allows us to collaborate with a wide variety of clients & partners.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    Program based on collaboration with big & medium sized organizations. Supporting organizations in their quest for product excellence and innovation, consolidating their business role and innovating through projects based on specific briefings. Focused on consumer/market strategy, brand evolution and/or new product development. We ensure that the work we do can be efficiently culturalised and integrated within our partners’ corporate cultures and organizations.

    fee based collaboration + bonus on business results

  • Design Ventures

    Program focused on small, early stage / start-up businesses. Supporting entrepreneurs in building brands from ground-up and consolidating new businesses. We develop partnerships with entrepreneurs through a plan where cash fees are greatly reduced and a royalty/equity arrangement is put in place.

    reduced fees + royalty / equity arrangement

  • Licensing

    Partnership program focused on international established brands whose quest is in-line with GAADesign™ Cultural mission. Partnering with enlightened entrepreneurs able to envision their cultural role in modern society and able to support GAA’s quest to celebrate and shape our modern age. We support our common mission through our design management and creative processes, licensing our creative work, design, innovations and brands. Partnership programs normally take place thanks to combined capabilities and know-how between our partners and us. Production facilities, sales and distribution + design know-how and design management.

    reduced fees + royalty + co-branding

  • Private Collection

    Program focused on research projects, close to the art world. We explore high cultural content projects with design galleries and private partners.

    flexible business relationship depending on investments and general agreement terms.


GAADesign™ is a cultural and artistic mediator between businesses, their socio-cultural role and their opportunity in the context of modern consumer society.

We understand and explore the business and cultural context of each project in order to identify new opportunities, and execute them through cross-disciplinary teams and craft innovation, supporting our business partners’ journeys and contemporary challenges.

  • Strategy

    Through our strategic practice we deliver clear and innovative approaches to our partners, supporting and nurturing their long-term vision.

    Key deliverables:

    • Research
    • Cultural and market analysis
    • Design approach
    • Go-to-market plan

  • Branding

    We help existing brands consolidate their identity according to their values, business needs and cultural mission. We build brands from the ground-up. Our cross-disciplinary teams ensure coherence between words and actions, vision and business, at every level of the businesses practice and our projects.

    Key deliverables:

    • Concept ideation
    • Brand book
    • Identity & design development
    • Cultural analysis
    • Digital brand expression

  • Product

    Understanding and designing physical products remains the main channel through which we support our clients. We reinvent product categories; we explore the public’s imaginary and dreams, we envision what is going to come, we put it into the context of modern times.

    Key deliverables:

    • Concept ideation
    • Cultural analysis & relevancy analysis
    • Design development
    • 3D and engineering liaison
    • Packaging
    • Experience design

  • Art Direction

    Our art direction and innovation processes sustain the project development in every aspect. Through our cross-disciplinary teams and talents, we explore the values of our partners’ business and products, translating them across different communication and experiential tools.

    Key deliverables:

    • Marketing plan
    • Advertising concept
    • Communications design
    • Launch planning