Celebrating the true values of a pure and health
limited in production Italian water.

Bognanco is a little valley not far from the Lake Maggiore, the place where GAA Design Farm was born. This project for us became an opportunity to pay homage to the land we come from, and to the men and the businesses that have built the shape and identity of the region. The dream of raising the profile of Bognanco water and its properties has been translated into an object that is inspired by sensual and maternal codes. The physical and sensory relationship with the bottle, from the balance of the weights, through to the sound that this “living” water makes when it is opened, played a key role in the project. Design and language are not acquired by a formal, aesthetic exercise, but rather by an attempt to represent the intimate relationship with water, an element so fundamental to our existence. Some projects seek to describe places, people, towns and communities: Bognanco waters are the story that we want to tell you.
STRATEGY  It was clear to us since the beginning that we weren’t just called by our partners to design packaging for the important and limited production of Bognanco water; the hidden request was to celebrate the history, the quality and the cultural importance of this water source in past centuries in northern Italy, Europe and the US. Blow-moulded glass in the water industry is usually shipped back to the supplier or, in the worst case, thrown away. We understood the importance of having an object that was able to represent the values of the company and its product, but also allow the public to keep the limited edition blow-moulded piece as part of the decoration of their own house, restaurant or work environment. This approach to the project gave us the ability to position this product on the market as something that amplified the exceptional quality of the water and could be kept in one’s house as one of the most interesting blow-molded pieces ever to be mass produced.
BRANDING  Ausonia, located in the northern Italian Alps in the Bognanco community, is one of the oldest water source licences released in Italy. The quality of this water source became well known across Europe around the end of the 18th century. In the following years, the company was bought and sold many times, yet always kept its unique position as one of the healthiest curative mineral waters of northern Italy. However, it also started losing ground to more aggressive competitors. Ausonia’s 125th anniversary became an opportunity to revive and celebrate the values of their special product and, together, its position in modern markets. We designed a bottle able to celebrate and emphasise the real soul of its content (the Ausonia water), and together with that, we explored the opportunity to re-build and consolidate the identity, the brand, the new logo and the label, creating one of the most recognisable icons in today’s water market.

ART DIRECTION  GAA worked on the design of the new celebratory bottle, its iconic label (representing the water molecule) and directed communications redefining the brand’s core values and overall experience (images, words and feelings). Apart from still-life images, we built a group of visual references able to describe and easily communicate our vision.

Fonte Ausonia Bognanco

Sparkling Water

Fonte Gaudenziana Bognanco

Still water