Interior Design

Habitat Suna

Celebrating the aura of the past times through contemporary living.

Working on an extraordinary building on the lake side of Lake Maggiore in Italy, we have developed and crafted a flow of experiences able to celebrate both, the amazing and historical architecture and the stunning scenario of the Lake.
STRATEGY  When first we saw the incredible building we where workin on, we immetdiatly understood that our work had to celebrate those spaces and the magical and ancients feelings "trapped" in those incredible spaces. The contrast between the old and beautifully crafted ceilings and the modern low and light furniture and the extreme attention to lighting is ment to bring into the experience the memory of the place, the aura of the past times and allowing the guests to be surrounded with a modern interpretation of the history of the Italian lake side area. Colors, proportions, textures and geometries are balanced in an harmonic symphony specifically designed to seduce the guests through all senses.