Notebook Accessory

Redefining the physical interaction
with our "digital selves"

Listen to your heart
Our collaboration with Philips Hong Kong has been focused on exploring laptop accessories as a new business area. The objective was to create a series of accessories that could bring to life an innovative and dynamic technological experience, expressing the interesting evolution in our relationship with our laptops, both from a personal and a work perspective.
STRATEGY  We started by understanding the current changes happening in today’s relationships with our devices - like laptops, tablets and computers in general – and studying their role in consumers’ daily lives. We then researched the meaning of these cultural changes and the relationship we have with digital content, both from a personal life, and also a work environment perspective. It became clear to us how changes happening in the work environment were not only influencing the way we work, they were offering us a tremendous cultural opportunity to modify the way most people interact with objects they spend time with. Once we finalised the strategy, we started designing products and experiences to explore the consumer’s relationship with the object and, most importantly its digital contents, building a strong emotional link between their "digital world" and their perception and access to it.