Private Collection

Soul Factory

A physical expression of a metaphysical need

There's a magic world. Made of memories, emotions, stories, thoughts, fears, hopes, ambitions, adventures...a world represented by old pictures, letters, pieces of one's life that slowly pile up in our memory. Unfortunately, as time goes by, they sometimes become blurry, confused, far, unrecognisable and forgotten. Soul Factory reveals itself as a metaphysical object, a bridge between two worlds, the present and the future, embodying emotions that time can only amplify, twist and transform. Like a laboratory or a factory, it contains and elaborates the moments (through images and notes) that shape an individual, their sensibility and identity, and allows them, one day, to re-discover the essence of their personal magic.
STRATEGY  This project, born as a unique piece, represents the research on the effect that time has on our personal life, especially from an emotional perspective. We wanted to amplify and explore the enormous power and influence of time in affecting perspectives and memories, celebrating a person’s life through an object able to collect and cultivate those special moments that make one’s life path.
ART DIRECTION  In order to amplify the real meaning of a non-conventional object like the Soul Factory, images and overall communication were studied to celebrate the magical, intrinsic and psychological power of an object that creates a special space to preserve the foundations of one’s identity: our emotions.