Reconnecting the imaginary with modern culture.

This project was developed for Lenovo in 2013, demonstrating an understanding of the current technology landscape and cultural global changes. For a few years now, desktop computers have been losing market shares and interest from the general public, due to the growth of laptops, tablets and smartphones. This trend reflects the constantly changing approach of consumers towards those devices able to act as mediator between us and our "digital selves". These objects represent and influence how we act in personal and professional situations, gaining a fundamental role in people's lives. We explored cross-category solutions for a generation of customers brought up to demand mobility, and we envisioned new behaviors related to each human’s "digital presence", across work and life experiences.
STRATEGY  We decided to research and define the product categories that influence future behaviors and market performance: shifting the business focus from desktop workstations to hybrids, designing a collection of cross-category solutions, re-defining key guidelines and principles. It was clear to us that this project was an opportunity to re-think the macro-category; modifying the role of these products in everyday life. Shifting the design approach from technical machines to more human related objects and experiences, we were not only able to influence the object’s perception, but more importantly, gain a strong emotional investment in our daily tools.